About us

ENERGIE SERVIS s.r.o. is the business and technical company limited, working in the branches of water plumbing, heat engineering, administration and maintenance of real properties and providing technical services since 2008. Initially the object of our activity was water plumbing, and heat engineering. We have gradually extended our activities to other branches, which can suitably complement and often they are closely connected. Photovoltaic energetics is our key branch. That is why we get new portfolios of customers in private and public sector, always for the client satisfaction. We follow new technologies of our key branch – technical equipment of buildings and we keep high standard of implementation. The philosophy of our company is definitely the satisfied customer, following new trends, which we can try, recommend and propose. We cooperate with internationally reputable suppliers and we propose extended warranties and consultations. We propose sale, assembly service and consultancy. We do photovoltaic – sun energy and its use of getting electric energy, heating warm service water, complete and partial energetic self-sufficiency for family houses, industrial plants, cars, ships, and technical equipments for any objects both in the Czech Republic and abroad. We are members of the Czech Photovoltaic Association. For our customers we use the possibility of getting means from the New Green Savings grant titles.

We provide consultancy, preparation of projects, delivery and implementation of the sets of all components of photovoltaic systems according to the project – solar panels, voltage transformers, solar regulators, solar batteries and others. Our web site is not conceived as an e-shop. We shall process your demand individually, at its processing we shall take into account the existing or intended situation – parameters important at the design planning. The required energetic output, roof parameters (load capacity, orientation of cardinal points, inclination) or other placing of photovoltaic panels – facade, garden, car, boat, industrial equipment.

Next pages show the possibilities of using the photovoltaic, which can be adapted and implemented according to your requirements. The given prices of projects are for the orientation. We can propose delivery and implementation of solar system with heat pump or air-conditioning.