About us

Our company came into being in 2008. We provide projects for efficient economy of energies by using the newest SMART technologies and techniques for family houses, dwelling houses, towns and municipalities, health centres and production companies, with minimum costs for the acquisition. We keep following new trends, up-to-date grant programs as well as their implementation. We are the members of Czech Photovoltaic Association. Our goal is to propose and realise the solutions which are beneficial for you.

Energetic savings, long-term maximum efficiency of the system, minimum purchase price.

  • Photovoltaic systems with accumulation into batteries for production of your own electric energy and heating of service water
  • Energetic studies and designs, External insulation of properties
  • Plumbing, heating and wiring works

We have branch offices in České Budějovice and in Prague and we work within the whole Czech Republic and also in Austria.